Are you losing money due to NOE errors?

Eliminate NOE Penalties

Faster and easier than ever before.

If you are a hospice, your financial liability is cause for concern. The existing NOE submission process is prone to errors, resulting in:
    • Thousands of dollars a month in penalties.
    • Excessive resource hours struggling to handle follow-ups in DDE and fighting appeals.

"Starting day one, 80% of my NOE time has been freed up, and we haven’t experienced a single RTP!"

Senior Hospice Revenue Cycle Specialist,
Home Health Billing & Coding Services with 76 providers

NOE Tracker Validates Data

50% of entries into DDE with errors, WILL BE PENALIZED as a result of a processing delay.

  • All data is validated against the CWF and CMS rules prior to NOE creation.
  • Verification of previous and existing benefit periods.
  • Validate hospice diagnosis codes.
  • Save provider and physician defaults to speed up and improve accuracy and wipe out redundant data entry.

NOE Tracker is Faster & Easier

Manual entry, with DDE, requires 3 dates, 5 NPI numbers, 5 physician names, and many screens to navigate through.

  • Create NOEs without using DDE.
  • Submit a NOE from start to finish, by keying in as little as five data fields.
  • Mobile-friendly and intuitive user interface.

NOE Tracker Tracks Status

Manual search effort, using DDE, requires research every day for every patient.

  • Receive email alert when a RTP message is received for a NOE record.
  • Edits made and submitted through the original submission.
  • NOE audit trails and status provided in a single screen.
    • See submission date, current status, count of NOE days, and detailed history.
  • View all NOEs for an associated provider in one easy to read list, containing pertinent data about each including: submission date, count of NOE days, current status, and a detailed history for each record.

Three providers in 1 1/2 months:

  • No unexpected RTPs.
  • Caught 6 errors prior to submission.
  • Avoided ~$32,000 in fines.

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